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The empress card

 I have been coloring my Rider Waitdeck coloring book. A lot. And if you don’t know , it is a tarot card deck. And wearing this tee I bought from Juniper Fox on instagram is an awesome tie in for this concept of tarot cards. It is a fabulous tee featuring a fabulous fox, juniper. I also had to add the crown because it requires it I think.Shooting these pictures I didn’t want any old place to shoot, and then. I found the flowers, my allergies were not thrilled but my creative mind was. The empress stands for authority and a strong female figure.I am not either of those things, by the way But there is more to the card than that. Th empress is passionate and motherly a “I am woman hear me roar!” Kind of woman. She is not mysterious or a secretive lady like the high priestess. For this card it symbolizes pleasure ,abundance , and fertility. Birth marriage and literal or creative type pregnancy.but there is also a reversed side to the card as with most tarot. The reversed view of the car is

Rethinking my grid for a better instagram experience.

Instagram, yep it is still king, still one of the top social media apps. And damn is it hard to grow on there. My following grows and shrinks every day, when I reach out to brands for opportunities, followers, followers,followers. Not enough. So then I focused on that. Never bought followers, that is just massively cheating. But, I joined the pods to find other blogs and inspo. Or at least that is what I told myself.

And then there are the likes. Not enough of them. Ugh, I just can not win.And of course like so many bloggers on instagram, the pods.  Yup. I joined those as did many others I know. But, is it a good thing? And by the way I can not tell you, how many growth posts I have seen on Pinterest that tell you to join the pods and all that. Just wow. But, brands are starting to look at alllllllllll of the numbers. Some may still look at the superficial, but more and more are getting the whitelist from 3rd parties. They look at the engagement rate as a whole and they do look at all of it. 

No no it is not. There are several problems with it. One you become reliant on it. Two fake engagement mean no sales? Yes.. it can so if you are trying to build your brand and it is all fakish engagement and it is the same influencers over and over again liking the shit that is on your grid will that turn into follows and subscribed users for your platforms. No.. Three, brands are getting smart guys, they are finding out that more followers does not mean good things for them. 

So, what to do about it.
I am certainly not going to tell you how to handle your grid. But, this is something I am really thinking long and  hard about. What do I bring to the table as far as content? What do I have that brands will be like “yeah, let’s work with this weirdo! “ 
I have to look at what content is there? Am I helpful? Do I share insightful info are my outfits that extra that people want?I dress for me not one I think to succeed on instagram you need to be authentic and relatable.  Use the right hashtags, and be you. Work hard and it will follow, soon and maybe it will take a while but it is better than getting ahead of others by the fast way. Also, you will feel better about your self in the long run.

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