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The empress card

 I have been coloring my Rider Waitdeck coloring book. A lot. And if you don’t know , it is a tarot card deck. And wearing this tee I bought from Juniper Fox on instagram is an awesome tie in for this concept of tarot cards. It is a fabulous tee featuring a fabulous fox, juniper. I also had to add the crown because it requires it I think.Shooting these pictures I didn’t want any old place to shoot, and then. I found the flowers, my allergies were not thrilled but my creative mind was. The empress stands for authority and a strong female figure.I am not either of those things, by the way But there is more to the card than that. Th empress is passionate and motherly a “I am woman hear me roar!” Kind of woman. She is not mysterious or a secretive lady like the high priestess. For this card it symbolizes pleasure ,abundance , and fertility. Birth marriage and literal or creative type pregnancy.but there is also a reversed side to the card as with most tarot. The reversed view of the car is

Vegan nail polish Pacifica

Ok I think I have found another polish that stays on!This Vega and cruelty free polish is by Pacifica! Pacifica also makes other stuff like makeup, body, and hair products. I have used their makeup, eyeshadow and lip products before. I loved my palette, but my kids decided to destroy it! Anyways, how I ended up with these was when I took my oldest to Ulta with me.

We went to Ulta with the intent of a new compact for me besides the shapetapeone by Tarte, because it was not that good. For me! May be fine for you. But it oxidized on my skin. Anyways, we went through the store and got to the polish. And my son picked out all these greens and blues and neon pinks in polish. But the opi and orly do not work on my nails. They peel right off. And then I saw the Pacifica, and said “let’s try these on mommy nails!” I let him pick, and he chose these beautiful colors. 

They stay on guys, they are gorgeous colors too! 

have you tried Pacifica?check out my review of Ella and Mila here


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